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As we embark on the solemn journey of Lent, we embrace the timeless tradition of "Burying the Alleluia." During this reflective season, we set aside the joyful exclamation of "Alleluia" to make way for introspection and preparation. At the start of Lent, we bury this word symbolically, knowing that its resurrection on Easter Sunday will be even more joyous.


Designed to resonate with the significance of burying the Alleluia, this slate art invites reflection and spiritual connection. The detailed craftsmanship ensures that every note and nuance of the Alleluia is captured with utmost precision, making it a truly unique and cherished piece.

Bury the Alleluia Slate

  • Small measures approximately 8-3/4" Wide x 6" Tall

    Large measures approximately 12" Wide x 8" Tall

    (Both sizes include one soap stone pencil)

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