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Experience the joy and anticipation of the Easter season with our Easter Countdown Tokens. Each token is more than just a marker of time; it's a daily reminder of the sacred journey towards the resurrection of Christ. Handcrafted from high-quality wood and adorned with intricate designs, our tokens capture the essence of the Easter story in exquisite detail. From the solemnity of the cross to the promise of new life, each token invites you to pause, reflect, and anticipate the coming of Easter Sunday.


Share the gift of faith and devotion with your loved ones this Easter season. Our 18-Day Easter Countdown makes meaningful gifts for family and friends. Along with each wooden token, you'll receive a daily read-along, offering reflections, prayers, and scripture passages to accompany you on your journey of faith.

*** The tokens fit into your average plastic egg.

Easter Countdown Tokens

  • 18 wood tokens and read along included.

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