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A beautiful engraved, image of the Blessed Virgin Mary breastfeeding the infant Jesus.

 In the early 1600s, the Spanish settlers of St. Augustine established the first Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the United States where the Spanish settlers said the first mass and claimed the land for God. 

Our Lady of Milk and Happy Delivery continues to answer prayers and this shrine holds a very special place in my heart. I simply felt the need to spread the word and likness of this beautiful image of our nursing Mother. 


This is a two layered sign. The first layer is the engraved image on a light wood and the second layer is painted with a dusty blue which shows through the cut out.

** This is a wooden item, so one will be slightly unique from another.


Available in various sizes/prices:

LARGE (8"x11")

Medium (5"x7")


"Our Lady of La Leche" Wall Hanger (Various sizes avail.)

  • Contains one of the following Our Lady of La Leche

    LARGE (8"x11") measures: 11-1/4" High x 7.25" Wide. Comes in 2 layers, a tasteful blue and a natural wood finish.

    Medium (5"x7") measures: 7.5" High x 4-3/4" Wide.  Comes in 2 layers, a tasteful blue and a natural wood finish.

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