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Enjoy your spiritual experience without any concerns about the safety of your cherished belongings with our leather pouch featuring a discreet hidden magnetic buckle design. This thoughtfully crafted accessory offers an elegant place to store your veil, prayer cards, religious medals, or rosary, all in one place ensuring they remain protected and easily accessible. Our color and patch options empower you to tailor your pouch to match your style, making it a distinctive accessory that stands out in both functionality and aesthetics.


Choose a design that speaks to your heart:


Padre Pio: Embrace the spiritual wisdom and guidance of Padre Pio, a revered saint known for his devotion and miracles.Trust in God: A timeless message that serves as a constant reminder to place your trust in a higher power, fostering a sense of peace and faith.


Veil Hair Don't Care: Infuse a playful touch into your religious accessories with this whimsical design, celebrating a lighthearted attitude.


Floral Mary Monogram: Experience the beauty of faith with an intricately designed floral monogram, paying homage to the Virgin Mary.


St. Joan of Arc: Draw inspiration from the courageous St. Joan of Arc, whose powerful message encourages you to go forward bravely, fear nothing, and trust in God for all will be well.


Hearts of the Holy Family: The intertwined hearts symbolize unity, love, and divine connection, making it a beautiful reflection of your faith.

Veil/Rosary/Prayer Card Pouch (Multiple Choices)

Bag Color
  • Includes one bag or your choice with patch design. Pouch Measures approximately 4.5" Wide x 4.5" Tall

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