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Beautiful wooden Cutting Board. The wood cutting board handle ensures ease of movement from counter to counter…or counter to table, also makes great asthetics for hanging as wall art.


"Bless Us O Lord and these thy gifts which we are about to recieve from thy bounty through Christ Our Lord.~ AMEN"


The Cutting board is made of Acacia wood, it is a tropic hardwood known for its durability, water resistance. Each unique piece is enhanced by its distinctive wood grain patterns. Can also be used as a fruit and vegetable cutting board, a cheese board, a charcuterie board or a bread board. No matter how it's used, a wood cutting board with handle is a must have for any foodie!

"BLESS US O LORD" Cutting Board

  • Includes one wooden cutting board measuring 12" long (not including handle) 9" wide and 0.5" thick

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