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Welcome to a sacred tradition made personal. Our Custom Catholic Baptism Cross is handcrafted with devotion and attention to detail from its elegant curves to its timeless symbolism, our Custom Catholic Baptism Cross embodies the beauty and sanctity of this holy occasion. What makes our cross truly special is the option for personalization. Commemorate the baptism of a beloved child or mark your own spiritual journey by engraving a name and date of Baptism. Each cross becomes a unique expression of love and faith, tailored to honor the individuality of the recipient.


As you celebrate the baptism of a cherished child or embark on your own journey of spiritual rebirth, our Custom Catholic Baptism Cross serves as a tangible reminder of God's grace and the enduring promise of salvation. It's more than a decoration—it's a sacred symbol of faith, love, and devotion. Our Custom Catholic Baptism Cross will be a cherished centerpiece in your home, a constant reminder of the blessings bestowed upon you by the grace of God.

Custom Baptism Cross

  • Includes One Cross

    Measures Approximately: 9" Wide x 14" Tall


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